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King Builders:

For nearly all of my adult life I have had a passion for working with young adolescent & teenage males. Growing up, I had a lot of curiosity and questions that neither school nor church could answer for me? I know that the generation of young men in the earth now are a special breed, and face some of the same dilemma’s as I did as well as some unique to their time. As I got older I learned the tremendous importance of having wisdom transmitted from generation to generation from elder to myself as a young man. Spaces were I could be myself and share whatever was on my mind, or speak to elders about things that might have been difficult for me to express with others were major jewels for my growth process transitioning from boy to man. In light of this, we’ve created the King Builders Community, to provide a safe space where young males can ask questions, share perspectives, discuss current events, & learn the laws of the universe along with the metaphysics of manhood. We will hold open Q & A 1hr talks every other Saturday for an hour from 3pm-4pm that will be recorded, and always available for our purposed group. We will also have daily interaction through a special closed online group, for further Questions, Discussion of art/movies/music/history/life, and support, for our young men who will be exposed to deeper history, culture, critical thinking, and spiritual teachings as their learning to walk through their own rites of passage into kingship and manhood.

These group will begin October 15th:

Please reach out to me at evolvedloveradio@gmail.com if you are interested in enrolling your sun in this powerful GROUP!

Access to this group requires a $19.99 monthly subscription per Child.

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The Ark of Love


Jamil-Joi2Though the times may change, our pursuit of love and a perfect vibrational match in companionship doesn’t. We believe that when a soul is created it is in the form of a pair (having both a male and female portion), that incarnate into bodies and seek to find one another through the oceans of time and space in order to re-unite.  

We know that being single out here in the game can be hard, and being on a unique spiritual path can make it seem even more difficult when seeking love. That’s why we want to welcome you to “The Ark of Love”, the new online venue we’ve created for individuals on the path seeking healthy relationships, as a safe free space for those who have unique common interests to interact and find one another. The vibration of the planet is changing and there is a flood of new consciousness raining down in a dynamic way which we believe can allow for a greater opportunity for and reunion of soul-mates. When drastic and rapid spiritual change happens often everywhere in the world as they are now, we believe it can be easier to see people’s light if you’re gathered with the right people, speaking the same language, & looking with the right eyes. We are in such a season now, we’re nearly 1/3 of all marriages begin online!   As we shift into a new era, we’re using both new and ancient ideas(technology, ritual magick, internet interaction, real talk, & fresh thought) to create this environment specially for you, open to different ideas, seeking out those of like minds, and heart frequency!

Our Singles Matchmaking Group called The Ark of Lovewill be held on facebook as a secret group and loaded with fun interaction, game challenges, and sharing of various spiritual techniques, to help people link easily on common interest. Our main goal will be to gain the attention and assistance of the Divine Agents that help pair participating souls together in healthy relationships.

We have developed a method based on years of helping individuals find their mates, using spiritual energy identifiers, so that people in the group can get to know themselves &  one another based upon the unique signatures the universe imprinted upon them such as their numerology, 4 element composition, etc (Example using Joi & I Below).   We will have an interactive video chat once every two weeks on Fridays were we’ll have discussion, engage in various fun challenges. We would simply ask that you send us your birth information, a picture you’d like us to use for your Bio(examples below), along with completing our tailor made questionnaire.  If you’re interested please contact us at our email address of evolvedloveradio@gmail.com, this group will open when there is a minimum of 12 males and 12 females interests.

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There will be a registration fee of $25 allowing me to calculate, coordinate, and create your unique profile, and very affordable monthly fee of $4.99 for each individual interested in becoming part of this matchmaking group, which can be opted out of anytime. Feel Free to Subscribe and begin your Journey Adventure to manifesting your love…












Also be on the Look out for our Couples Relationship Builder Destiny Pairs Village” beginning October 30th, where we will have live bi-weekly conversations every other Thursday  and weekly fun/challenging activities through a private group, aimed to empower couples abilities to resolve conflict, build wealth, purpose, and joy through their relationships as they grow and Evolve together. Couples who are part of this group will work together in dynamic discussions, couple challenges, and uniquely designed bonding rituals to help elevate & support each others growth together. We would simply ask that each person in the relationship provide a full page written description of where you are in your relationship, description of the most prominent strengths & weaknesses of your relationship, and where you’d envision your relationship to be in 10yrs time. If you’re interested please contact us at our email address of evolvedloveradio@gmail.com, we will start when there is at least 5 – 10 couples interested.

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!There will be a monthly Fee of $29.99 per couple which can be opted out of anytime. Feel free to subscribe and start a new beginning in your relationship.

We look forward to you joining US!!!