Rewritten Bible: Gospel of Awakening

June 12th 4pm – 6pm EST
$35 Access Fee: Click image to join us!

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!border=Why do certain sections of bible condone wholesale genocide, racial/sexual/religious discrimination, animal sacrifice, slavery, and infanticide? These are some of the difficult questions that arise when one begins to intelligently read particular segments of the bible which clearly contradict the existence of an all loving Creator, by condoning these things when read literally. As a result of these interpretive readings an untold amount of lives have been lost over the centuries through countless wars, inquisitions, and rigid doctrines. Currently there are political, religious, & hate groups who affiliate themselves with the teachings of the scriptures who use passages from the book to validate their divisive stand on others who do not believe or live as they do. Even today there are those who suffer in secret as a result of shame/fear based teachings which hold them completely captive to a god and a system that would see them punished for their perceived faults. However, behind the veil of these literal interpretations & limiting teachings and spread worldwide, exist a powerful secret. A power filled divine light transmission hidden between the letters of its pages waiting to be revealed.

We need a Rewritten Bible, we need a radical transformation of our understanding of the WORD. One that will lead us to evolution as unified species, with great potential to literally venture deep into the heavens. This teleconference will effectively transform your perspective of Man & the Creator as commonly described in the bible while addressing the source of the division, violence, and contradiction in the scriptures. By the end of this talk you will be given the basics to both begin to read and understand the scriptures from an Evolved Spiritual Perspective. We will expose & distinguish the two gods of the scriptures, and recover suppressed hidden the truth of our Divine nature coded within the Gospel of Awakening, through the stories of the Bible.
During this talk we will also exhume some of the overlooked sciences and tools of prayer, faith, and other magickal technologies buried in the scriptures to empower you on your sacred rites of passage through life’s alchemical journey to fulfilling your purpose & becoming the Most Highest Creator possible.
All you need is internet access or a cell phone to connect
This teleconference will also come along with a visual presentation.


Sunday School: Solar Mediation

Pastor JamilJoin us each Sunday as we gather to either greet the rising sun or see the setting sun off. This gathering is designed to help individuals who are interested in strengthening and maintaining personal relationship with the sun, to do so. Each Sunday we will hold space for prayer/mediation during Sunrise and or sunset to absorb and take advantage of the positive energies of the sun. This will also be a time when questions about solar practice and sun gazing will be answered. Sunday School Solar meditation is a free event and can be accessed via Blogtalk radio each Sunday.

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