The In Too Me See & Communication of the “Wilderness”

The root of the Hebrew word for Wilderness “Dabar” symbolically means “to speak or communicate from the soul”. The Wilderness that the prophets, priest, and kings of the scriptures go through in truth is not a geographical location, rather it’s a place of power and clarity within which is reached through an initially uncomfortable journey to awaken and become intimate with the unique expression of ones soul. As this wilderness is traverse, powerful discoveries are made as one begins to hear and eventually becomes one with their inner voice emanating from the fiery bush of their Divine Selves through their regular adherence to It. This is where Intimacy begins, with the discovery of ones true voice. A process that requires us to become familiar with our own fears and insecurities, to such a degree that they can no longer be used against us by others or ourselves like before. As we learn how to speak from this place more fluidly, we learn how to bypass the superficial and temperamental behavior of our mates and communicate from our true selves to the g-d in theirs. We also become more fluent in the language of creation. Prior to Moses Journey into the wilderness of himself, he had an identity, responsibilities, and relationships, but was spiritually mute before creation. This is how ineffective we are in communication with each other before we access our true voice…

Having a healthy and strong relationship with your self is Essential to having great 1104131304relationships with people around you. This relationship, looks like an ever evolving sense of worthiness, and expanding awareness of ones own multidimensional being.  It’s the primary relationship that matters. Lovers and married couples often receive cliché advice on the importance of communication. However the missing ingredient to that advice is the truth that in the case of an individual or a couple not knowing themselves, communication is impossible as neither can share themselves or convince the other of who they are due to lack of their own knowledge in this area. The truth is that we can talk with and at each other for days while saying very little. So let me share why you might be so frustrated in your communication. The reason is that this type of communication always becomes stagnate. Your fear of saying what you truly feel, and or your fear of not saying hurtful things in order to be heard comes from insecurity with your own voice and convictions. Both of these ingredients when mixed in to a couples communication create more scars than bonds.  It’s so much easier to blame and distract ourselves with the faults of others than to deal with ourselves. Most of the strong emotions of disappointment and anger that comes from couple’s improper communication, is merely dissatisfaction with their own undiscovered self and inability to fulfill themselves projected onto another. Learning to love yourself more deeply and constantly discovering who you are and what you have to express is hard work, but sexy! We have the ironic ability to talk much while saying very little when we don’t know who we are.

IN THE MOMENTTheirs is tremendous value in each of us investing in consistent creation of space and time for us to spend with ourselves. Time to journey through the initial discomfort of going within through our unresolved issues and undiscovered value to find our promised land within were clarity of our authentic selves expression is abounding. There are pockets of miracles hidden on the path through the wilderness of ourselves waiting to be unlock as we pass through the treasure box of ourselves. Jewels that we can share and build empowering relationships with. Healthy communication comes from the power released when someone develops a strong and intimate relationship with themselves and learns to speak from their heart and soul confidently.  When a person knows themselves, they love themselves, and when they love themselves, they trust themselves, and when they trust themselves, they share themselves through open, honest, and clear communication without fear from their heart and soul with those around them. The universe is a mirror confirming everything we believe and it doesn’t give us what we want but what we feel. So speaking from the soul really turns the universe on…


Goliath & Our Hidden Power

photo-6The scriptures were written by a lineage of individuals who had made contact with their extra-dimensional selves. They learned to live in the spiritual world and the physical world simultaneously experiencing and sensing both as one. In writing the bible they infused deep spiritual codes about infinite realities inside our souls into the stories. Behind the stories, within the words there exist deep spiritual truths about the power inside of each of us. The bible is History (His Story the Creator) of  Mysteries (My Stories & your story) about our true nature as spiritual beings. The Story of David and Goliath is one of those stories that contains deep and powerful truths in relation to our lives and how fear is related our evolution.


Recently while doing a word study, I was lead to look up the meaning of the word Goliath. I was amazed to find that the word meant “splendor” and “that which is uncovered or revealed”. My spirit instantly resonated with this though my mind had not yet caught up to its meaning yet. Splendor is always a word that has positive connotations, so this was interesting. While pondering this, I decided to look up the meaning for Philistine, which is the tribe that Goliath was a part of in which Israel was about to engage in battle.  The word Philistine meant “immigrant”. Seeing this, it all clicked. The Philistines represented the deep insecurities, fears, and anxieties that immigrate illegally into our minds and soul often without our noticing. They travel into our minds through our experiences and interactions with others disguised as the opinions and beliefs of others, hiding as our own. It is only when we come into circumstances of great challenge that these immigrant fears and crippling insecurities, who in our avoidance have  grown in mass are uncovered and revealed. This is  our Goliath the champion of those fears (1Samuel 17:4) manifest, in the moment of our greatest obstacles.

This is where the other greater part of us comes into play with David. His name 1009means “Beloved”. In the book of Samuel he is described as the youngest son of his Father’s children. Yet he as the youngest and smallest of them has over taken both bears and lions protecting his Father’s sheep. David is the part of us that basque in the awareness of being the Beloved of the universe. The part of us that always exist and remains certain of our connection to the Creator, possessing the power to bend and transform our reality. If the Goliath in us is the frequency of deep insecurity, fear, and paralyzation, then David is the frequency of Love’s power in manifestation. We must starve the Goliath frequency and feed the David frequency in our times of fear.

Goliath is the gateway to manifesting the higher and greater dimensions  of our dreams and desires. The gateway to our future growth,  purpose, and ultimate happiness. There is beautiful splendor and majestic light hidden in our fears if when we unlock them by confronting them correctly. David is our spiritual will to confront our giants face on with certainty in spite of our fears. 1Samuel 17 illustrates David (our spiritual will) as running towards Goliath (manifest fears). We are a society that is very avoidant of uncomfortable emotions and feelings such as fear. But the David in us is different, it desires to run towards those inner demons manifest in our life powered by the light of our being. Fear is a star gate to our Christ-hood. We can always choose to follow our spirit in the Davidic direction of fear confrontation. This is the path to opening the gateway to our destiny. David took a stone out of his bag, and shot it into Goliath’s head (representing the power source of our fears). The stone David used was a reality that he pulled from the spiritual realms out of his mind (the bag) and shot as a thought into fear (Goliath), establishing his destiny. Our path is the same, we have access to draw the same strength from heaven into our hearts and mind and project and inject them into the authority and power of our fears transforming them into opportunities…





My Solar Progression Testimony

photo-6The night of December 6th 2013, was the first night that I was able to become lucid and fly to the sun and enter it. What I saw when I flew in transformed my consciousness in a radical way. It was that experience on that night that sealed me as a devotee to the “Sun of G-d”

This year marks the 4th year that I have been in a (2011)steady committed relationship with the sun, and we’re still growing together. Though I would close my eyes and basque in the sun as a child, my official journey started shortly after seeing my angelic self in a dream through a method that my master teacher Dr. Mitchell Gibson revealed to me during a seminar. It’s been a beautiful and mutually Solar Growthrewarding journey full of life altering experiences. I remember when I was just beginning, most of my time was spent barefoot, sun gazing at the nearby lake. The beauty of nature combined with the radiance of our mother star captivated my soul day after day.

Then after weeks of doing this, I slowly began to notice certain changes in my life. First change I noticed was my improved memory. Before, certain memories or experiences would escape some would IN THE MOMENTbe retained, but I realized my recall was improving. Then I noticed certain pains in my body, my neck area in particular were starting to disappear and ache less. My stress levels had also decreased noticeably. I became less hungry and less concerned with eating than before(and I love to eat LOL!). Most significantly though, I was beginning to realize how much I had been hiding myself most of my life for being what I felt was so different, but now the grip of that fear and need to cover my light was loosening. I felt like I was becoming a better husband and father, I felt like I was slowly becoming a better man. In just a few months and weeks I could tell I was beginning change.(2012)

One week as I was sungazing, I remember reciting an ancient prayer called the miracle prayer until I lost track of where I was. When suddenly what I thought was a bird started flying right towards me on a collision course. I was startled but realized that it dissipated just before it reached me. it was made of pure light. I was standing on a large stone boulder, and began to weep profusely on this very public lake as a result of the power released from the experience. That changed me. I now know that it was a portion of my light body that flew out of the sun into me. After that, many old wounds and emotional scars began to melt away. I was beginning to love me more deeply. I could sense the Sun of G-d’s grace more clearly than ever. “Who the Son sets free is free indeed John 8:36″ (2013)


Shortly after that experience, my dreamscape began to really change. As a boy, I would always have Solar Growth 7very vivid dreams of flying and protecting people who were moving from earth to the higher worlds. I would engage hoards of negative energies with a confident smile on my face. I continued to have these dreams into adulthood but they were few and far between. But towards the end of of 2013 that all changed. I would dream of flying and remember my angelic self far more clearly. I believe my solar work had also drastically increased my spiritual abilities or my awareness of my capabilities. I was surrendering more and more to my true self. My telekinetic abilities in dreamtime were sharpened, my strength improved, and now I could fly much greater distances with far greater speed.


Solar Growth 6After having some of these profound experiences, it was announced that a seminar would be held in Las Vegas called “Solar Rejuvenation”. A seminar geared around revealing the secret teachings and practices of the ages regarding the hidden power of the sun and how we could relate to it to evolve our bodies, mind and soul. This seminar called to me like none other. It was as if the gods intervened in my affairs to ensure I would make it. Many powerful relationships were forged and existing one’s deepened. We learned sacred teachings concerning our solar bodies, truths that go undisclosed in the mundane world. Dr Mitchell Gibson gave us secret techniques and methods for creating powerful blends designed to accelerate our solar evolution.(2014)

I had to absorb for awhile after the seminar. It was shortly after that I began to create the Solar Growth 5powerful solar blends that were given to us, particularly the Holy Solar oil. It electrified my body when I went out into the sun. The spiritual abilities that I had suppressed as a child began to return, which really helped me as a soul mate coach, teacher, and healer. My life began feeling a lot more peaceful, and income began to find me more easily as I began to relax more deeply with who I was. I was beginning to feel more empowered through surrender to my higher self.
(I provide the Holy Solar Oil and Holy Solar Rice Wine:


Solar Growth 2Around march of 2014 I wanted to have others to share this joyous journey with, so I created the Solar Rejuvenation page on Facebook with the permission of my teacher Dr. Mitchell Gibson who we affectionately call “Master”. True growth never occurs on a deserted island or in a vacuum. True spiritual growth blossoms in the garden of healthy loving relationships. There are no words to describe the positive energy shared in the group and the powerful miraculous experiences that we’ve shared with one another. We’ve truly become family. Our relationships, communication, and interaction with one another has infinitely enhanced each others lives, well at least in my humble opinion lol! We’ve had individuals who have had the sun communicate with them through blinking. We’ve had a blessed sister whose had the sun communicate to her audibly. We’ve had people see and capture photos of multiple suns, and spiritual beings Solar Growth 3looking back at them in the sky. We’ve also been taught by our Master Teacher that the light of the sun would increasingly store itself in our cells and that we’d eventually exhibit this in the form of our bodies glowing. Since then, I have begun to feel more of that light from the sun stored in my body and began to capture it more and more often than before. We’ve had many exhibit this phenomena as well!

I believe all of these phenomena and more being shared by others besides myself are (2015) truly in large part due to our Solar Growth 4growing relationship with the sun. Years ago, I would have been scared to share such things, but now it’s time to let the world know what many of us have known and are more deeply experiencing and sharing on a daily basis. The more you grow, the more you love yourself, the more you love yourself the more you allow yourself to be loved, and the more you allow yourself to be loved, the more you share of yourself naturally simply because it’s your divine nature just as the sun shines on both the righteous and the wicked. I want the world to know that the sun is much more than a glowing ball of radiant gases. We’re all connected to it, its alive, and in it we all have our life, movement, and being. A lot of the family from our group recently attended a seminar held by our master teachers in Houston, and I’m very excited to continue our amazing journey as grow together as a family and share our experiences.

Below is a video of photos and video bits shared by our solar rejuvenation group as a testament to our master teachers Dr. Mitchell Gibson and Kathy Gibson, and the techniques and teachings they’ve blessed us all with!




4 Basic Things Women on the Spiritual Path Should Look for in Men

I have been a relationship counselor and Soul Mate Coach for a number of years now. Having gone through various phases from a very traditional religious background, to the black conscious community, to the New age & Meta-physical communities, to what I would call now the personal responsibility and evolution community.  Having gone through different phases I have been witness to the rise and fall of relationships in all of them, and noted particular pitfalls, insights, and wisdom patterns that I wanted to share today with women in particular who are on the path of personal growth and transformation that is often not shared to help along the way. Why, because women are the planets greatest resources, and there are not many women on the challenging path of personal transformation & enlightenment(not many people period!). So I wanted to share a few basic insights that I felt may bless some who could benefit from it.
1CONNECTED) He Should Definitely Show you He’s clearly Interested:
This is a key factor for all women when considering their interest in a potential mate. If he is interested he will make this interests known to you in such a way as there should be no questions in your mind as to how he feels. When he does so, and the measure to which he does will let you know to things. 1st) That he is clearly attracted to you in the way that matters 2nd) That he feels he is ready to be in a relationship. These are very important factors because if one of those elements is not present then there will be no foundation to build on. If a man is attracted to you but doesn’t feel like he’s at a point where he’s ready to sustain a relationship then it’s no bueno. If he’s ready, but isn’t attracted to you in that way, make sure you respect yourself and refrain from pressing him for more, it’s no bueno. When both readiness and attraction are present for a man, he will reveal it to you allowing you clear space to determine the pace of how things will move from there…
2) Character over Appearances:
Character is the true Divine Currency of the universe, though media would have us believe otherwise. Is he driven, honest, respectful, does he keep his word, how do others respond to his presence? Why is this important? Because looks can be deceiving. There are well dressed highly articulate slimy parasitic wolves in all organizations and groups whether traditional church, conscious community, self help or New age groups, who learn how to appear and what to say in order to play on women’s desires. Just because they wear the suit to church, say Hotep Queen at the incense shop, or where nice crystals and white flowing robes at the meditation gatherings, doesn’t necessary mean they’re mature or have the capability to treat you properly. However “Balance” cannot be faked forever, and man’s value will always be his Integrity. Without which, all that he may appear to have(including you if you allow) will always be vulnerable to the chaos of his undeveloped personality & being.
What will learning this do for you? Well a few things. It will help understand the power or lack there of that character affords a man in how deals with disappointment, and moves through stressful obstacles which are important things for all women to understand about any man they’re considering being close to. It will also help you understand which of the two groups he exists within that men can be categorized into when a woman is searching for something long term.  You can more easily determine whether He is the man searching for marriage material or whether He is the man searching for fun=sex only. Neither is good or bad, but when a man’s character is better known then so too are his intentions. It takes time and objective observance sometimes for the nature of ones qualities to become clear, so patience will be one of your greatest allies in allowing him to create a record history with you. Your intuition also will be one of your greatest means of gaining insight into the quality of a man’s character, Don’t make excuses for it…
3) Has Vision & Willing to Share it with You:
If a man shows you clearly that he is interested, and you determine that his character is photo-6acceptable & to your liking then the next step is learning whether or not he has vision(sense of unique personal direction). Too often we’re conditioned to perceive and seek out relationships as business or pleasure acquisitions, as opposed to “Vision” acquisitions. Proverbs 29:18 says “Where there is no “Vision”, the People Perish”. This tells us that a sense of inward direction is a vital divine form of nourishment that sustains our well being, and this is so key to relationships. Many relationships die though some go on in a dead state, due to a lack of “Vision”. If he does have a “Vision” and he shares this with you having the previous two characteristics in place, this is a good thing as a man’s vision is sacred to him. This also prevents you from being relegated to being the “Poison Remover” which can be an unfullfilling long term condition. What is the poison remover you might ask?
The poison remover is the right women at the wrong phase in a man’s life. You might be intelligent, a great nurturer, physically attractive, and have any number of other great qualities but find that it’s not enough for the man of your interests to envision you in his future. Why, often because he’s been hurt by  a woman who he really cared about and gave his all to. And as a result of that unresolved pain he’s not yet ready to see a woman in a long term relationship. However, he will often settle and be with a woman who is loyal, and has other qualities which allow him to feel safe as though she will not hurt him. She is the “poison remover”. He will move in with the poison remover, he will sleep with the poison remover, he will even be faithful in some cases with the poison remover, but he will not share his vision nor make long term commitments that reveal his strategic plan which involves you being with him in the future. If he does share his vision with you and his plans that involve both you and he in the long term future the other important thing to observe is his actions towards manifesting his vision. Is he consistent, does he keep his word, does his spiritual swagger reveal his confidence in his Vision? If so then this is very good. Remember, he may not have already arrived or have everything that will come along with the ripened fruit of his vision but neither did the prophets, priest, and kings of the scriptures who the Creator revealed their destiny to through vision. All seeds take time to realize their full potential.
4) Who He Surrounds Himself With?
A wise saying I always used to hear is “You can tell a man’s future by the company they keep”. That’s Powerful, just think about that. Observe the company the man you’re interested in keeps. It will help you truly see what phase of their life and consciousness they’re in. Are they still hanging with people who do the same things they did in college or high school. Are they keeping the company of individuals who are more negatively or positively oriented. Are they experiencing the same old repetition of circumstances or fresh & new things? If you simply observe the company the man you’re interested in, and see what type of effect they have on him you will gain a lot of insight into where he wishes to be, and how ready he is to get there. The company a man chooses serve as a mirror to his subconscious self view and he values about himself.  It’s his internal covenant with how he’s preparing to manifest himself into the future through his now…
Now of course there are many other key points and traits that women on the path of personal transformation & enlightenment should look for but these are great to start off with. I have a video down below pointing out some practical tools and ways in which a sincere women on the path can better move through the process of being open to the process of finding a balanced mate. If you feel that this article can bless someone else please repost and share it with them…