If you’re reading this then you haven’t reached this page by accident. Like the forces in and around a piece of coal which undergoes extended time under pressure or a grain of sand in the mouth of an oyster which causes irritation in order to become precious jewels, the movement of energies upon our life has brought you here. You see, we believe that you are a seed, and love buried you here on this planet in the skin that you’re in to ultimately become a breakthrough. I’ve already seen your future, my future and that of the world as it shall be on the other side of it’s current polarity of ignorance & hopelessness. Evolved Love is the platform and embodiment of our effort to help bring that world & life to you personally in the NOW, by helping you take that leap and next step through the gateway of change into that reality. 
My wife is full of a special type of rooted wisdom and is one of the most intelligent insightful women I’ve ever known. I AM a biblical Alchemist, Soul Mate coach, Visionary, and Purpose Broker, and together we have accepted the call of spirit on our lives to assist you in healing your soul, manifesting desired relationships, and awakening to vast treasures of your Divine Potential. Our focus is fostering transformation, using the foundational mystical wisdom from the scriptures(and other spiritual teachings & tools) along with our experience with Love’s Wisdom to help you evolve and manifest the healthiest of relationships between yourself, the Creator, and others.
We believe that the Creator is Love, and that love is the ultimate reality that you’re seeded with & deserve in its fullest measure. Scientist know now, that from the smallest levels of life such as subatomic particles to the largest entities in the universe such as stars and planets, that there is a mysterious force keeping those objects in orbital connection with one another. Joi & I call that force LOVE. We believe everything else we perceive even if misunderstood, is but a hidden gift from the universe to be used as a tool to help guide us fully in our return to this ultimate truth. Our mission is to be in service to the Great Angels such as Gabriel, of the Most High help you recognize those tools of personal growth as a means of uncovering the paradise of Eden buried within, which is an Heightened Evolved state of awareness, joy, and fulfillment in ones being.  As we’ve grown we’ve learned to incorporate what the Creator is giving us in various forms of tools and teachings to offer to you as we establish a community of individuals working to return their inheritance in this shared work we call “EVOLVED LOVE”.