If you’re reading this then you haven’t reached this page by accident. We believe that everything from the season in which you your were born, to the letters in the full name you’re given from birth, to the place and skin you arrive with have a special purpose. Regardless of what’s happened to you, or where you are right now in your life, you have a purpose.
Our mission in this season of ever unpredictable flood of changes, is to help restore and strengthen believers relationships with the Most High, and prepare individuals  and communities for the world to come behind all the changes we’re facing today. We are believers in the Most High through faith in Yeshua, and understand the urgency of the call to gather and share in order to bring forth as much light, creativity, healing, and guidance for the building of the Ark of Beloved Communities(As Dr. Martin Luther King Spoke of) through mystical biblical wisdom, and the gifts & talents of those in the community. We know that behind what we’re being shown, that something powerful and awesome has been scripted and is coming forth  that cannot be stopped. Our desire is to be a part of the building process for the world .
My name is Jamil, and I’ve been in ministry/counseling for 22yrs and have led forums and conversations that focus on knowledge of self, Social Issues, healthy relationships,  holistic living, personal development, and spiritual purpose using the practical and hidden wisdom of the energy woven in the scriptures. The marriage between my wife and I has been based upon an ongoing conversation around the creation of a personal and communal ARK for these times themed around concepts such as the power of Faith, the breaking of generational cycles, family building, and developing ways to use our G-d given creativity to take advantage of the resources around us and within nature to bless ourselves and others.
Join us as we lead a community interested in deepening their relationships with G-d through weekly group Bible studies, and weekly topic group discussions on  various community issues, for those looking for tools to create better more fulfilled versions of themselves in relationships of purpose, to become Ark’s for an Emerging World.