It’s Levels to this “Ish”

For the record the word for man in Hebrew is “Ish” which is very close the word for Fire/Light/Desire which is “Esh” in Hebrew…

Pastor Jamil


Recently I had to face an issue that I’ve face on several occasions in my life, and was tempted to feel very discouraged till I really observed the position and perspective from which I was experiencing this issue. It’s an area of my life where I’ve had to apply forgiveness on multiple occasions. The process of having to face those feelings again are the main reasons I wanted to share this today with you.

One of the most disappointing things we can face on this journey called life is the seeming frustration that comes when we feel we are having to revisit issues that we have long since thought we’ve found a sense of closure through forgiveness. Difficult issues from our past, that required us to both face and forgive feelings brought up from events that we harbored within, causing blockages and damage to our selves. Having freed ourselves in those courageous periods of time of our lives, the last things we expect is to face them again later in our life? It’s easy to feel like we haven’t grown, or haven’t evolved or changed, like we thought we should have. Sometimes we can feel like failures, or that we’re going backwards if we’re not careful?img_20151123_080043790

But maybe, there’s another way of looking at this? Another way for understanding why we sometimes revisit the same feeling surrounding certain painful events in our lives.  I believe that there’s layers to this thing called life, and that we’re  multi-dimensional beings. When we open up to a journey of personal growth, I don’t think we have any idea how often we’re changing, and though our bodies may seemingly appear the same, the person within often is not.

Lets look at an example from the bible. If Heaven is the destination of the Priest, Prophet, and Kings when they transition?  And if the Angels reside in Heaven, and Anointed one revealed to us the truth that the kingdom of Heaven is within us, then are not all the holy priest, prophets, kings, & angels within us as well? As we grow, and we delve into and explore the vast regions of our own consciousness, I believe that we’re given opportunity to awaken/embody these characteristics within us. Remember, we’re just like onions, constantly peeling back layers(of both spiritual darkness/light) of our Soul, as we get closer and closer to the infinite core of who we are. So  before we can gain access to the Priest that we are, we must face it’s gatekeeper in the form of the Manipulator and the feelings associated with it’s existence within us. Before we graduate to the Prophet, we must face the shame/deceit of the Liar and the feelings of this energy within. Before we become the King or Queen, we must forgive & release the strong hold of the Tyrant within that seeks to control others. Before we dawn the consciousness of the Angelic part of our being we must wrestle with the Demon and the dark feelings/thoughts that seek to rule us and blind us from our divinity.

So every time we begin to shift into a deeper part of our nature as a result of our growth, 20161022_075336we may be facing what looks like the same situation but from an entirely different perspective/level of our selves. Multiple opportunities, to learn and discover great treasures in the field of our being. Each confrontation, representing a deeper layer and opportunity to ascend into the higher more spiritually aligned versions of ourselves. The ancient Hebrew Mystics defined g-d not as some being with a white beard high in the sky, but rather the next potential experience of deeper layer and manifestation of our own undiscovered Light! They Also believed that in order to experience that light that the seeker “which is you” had to face the deeper often more subtle veil of darkness rooted in the hidden layers of our own being. So as we journey to forgive painful and disturbing feelings surroundings events in our lives, we will find that we will have to revisit those same events and feelings repeatedly sometimes as the human body, or the emerging priest, prophet, king, or angel all in the same body but as different aspects of our own evolving consciousness. Each time going deeper within discovering issues closer to the very roots of the truest most core aspects of our being. The deeper we go, the more light we uncover!

When I recently experienced the issue that I’d been facing from my past, I got to the place where I realized that I was much further removed the pain of the issue as it was tremendously diffused. A realization that served as a mirror to help me see how much I had grown and stabilized as a spiritual being on my path. As opposed to feeling like I hadn’t grown or feelings of disappointment for having experienced it again. Remember that the next time it appears you’re dealing the same forgiveness lesson, pay attention to your position of perspective.

miracle-mondays-1Below are some ways to help you determine/review whether you’re growing or remaining stagnant with an issue that you’ve faced and believed that you forgave/resolved with closure.

-Did you genuinely forgive and release the issue when it first came up in your life?

-Check to see if you are the same person(same thoughts/habits/) you were when you first went through what is coming back around again?

-Do you respond in the same manner as you always have to the issue/memory /pain?

-Does the energy of the situation pain/discomfort feel the same as it did when you first went through process of forgiveness and release?

-Did you acknowledge/identify the issue fully, and or is there a deeper lesson for you to learn from what is presenting itself again in your life?

-Are you in the midst of a significant shift in your life? If so that is highly probable that this issue is resurfacing to help you process & transition properly?

-Have you been open & receptive to guidance to helping you walk through the issue fully?

Use these questions as a mirror. and don’t let yourself be troubled when you find yourself revisiting certain painful areas of your life. There’s levels to this this forgiveness thing, just as there are levels to who we are!