Miracle Mondays: Lust Demons

Every Monday I’ve decided to share miracles i’ve witnessed and experienced on my

Pastor Jamil

journey. My purpose for doing this is to generate dialog concerning divine human potential & help others activate & recover the living memory of our Creator that resides within our DNA, in order to become more receptive to the infinite possibilities of who we’ve been and are becoming…

This particular share could probably be labeled prayer, intercession, or spiritual warfare as easily as it could be a miracle.

One of the periods of my life I enjoyed the most was the time period in college when I worked at a local book store chain. I met a lot of great people, made some long time friends, and I was able to read and get my hands on almost any type of books that I wanted. As a self proclaimed nerd, this was pretty close to heaven for me Lol!

One day a co-worker of mine who was in a very loving and committed relationship came to me with a unique problem. For the life of me, I still can’t understand till this day why she chose to come to me in particular about this problem. She pulled me to the side and spoke very quietly with a half silly half embarrassed grin on her face. She divulged that she had been suffering from uncontrollable bouts of lust towards a male co-worker whom we both worked with. She was a Wiccan priestess, and thus not unfamiliar with the idea of spiritual forces, and was led to believe that I might be able to help her. When she described how this issue was affecting her, I knew it had to be bad to move her to share this with me. She felt terrible about her lustful, being in a very healthy relationship with her current boyfriend who I would see often come and pick her up faithfully like it was his only job in life Lol! I had noted how awkward she had been around the the guy in the store with whom she said she was struggling with such intense urges over, but never looked to much into it. Now I knew. I felt she was being sincere, and so I told her to give me 3 days, and I’d do what I could.


I decided to go on a 3 day fast from food to see if I could get some insight into what she was going through, but what happened next I could have never imagined. The first night of the first day I had begun fasting would be anything but routine. That night just before I went to sleep I found myself lying n bed next to naked woman in a state between sleep and wake. Though I was in that state, I was fully conscious and aware of the details of what was transpiring. The woman was beautiful, and of Persian descent. Though she appeared to be in her twenties, I could sense she was very ancient. But, what I remember most was that lust oozed out of every pore of her body.

She propositioned me very convincingly, to engage in intercourse with her. She even reasoned with me how it would be harmless due to the fact that we were both in a semi-dream state. Everything she was saying made sense, but the more she spoke the more I felt something very masculine masquerading behind a very feminine voice and appearance, so I pulled my will power together and refused. The 2nd night She would appear again in the same manner, only her attempts at persuading me were more sensual, provocative, and forth right. I remember her offering me an experience that no mortal woman could ever offer, which I may never know whether true or not Lol! These exchanges on both night occasions seemed to last between 3-5 min. Both of which I was able to muster the will power to refuse, which wasn’t easy(even upon my perception that she wasn’t a legit woman rather a succubus of some sort).

On the third day I was scheduled to go back in to work. I hadn’t even connected the nocturnal vision experiences to anything just yet, but that early after the co-worker who

Image of an Imposter Dark Being posing as a Being of Light.

sought out me help came to me excited smiling saying “I don’t know what you did, but what ever I was dealing with is completely gone”. She couldn’t believe it and thanked me again. It would take me a few hours to recognize the possibility of there being a connection between her request for help with her lust issue and the mysterious visitation of the entity in my bed the past two nights. he never mentioned having a similar issue after that, and we never discussed it again. That wouldn’t be the last time I’d encounter, but it was definitely an experience that opened me up to the reality/existence of laws, intelligence’s, and forces that are not cataloged in western academic books Lol!

Take Aways:

-There was a term for a type of prayer called Intercessory prayer, which when you looked a bit deeper into the meaning, actually deals with someone placing them self as a target in the issue and the life of another as a buffer. I realized that being willing to help someone genuinely goes a long way in the spirit world. The intensity of this whole encounter would also lead me to understand the importance of the concept of spiritual hygiene/protection and the need to keep one’s vibrational level high and strong through various techniques such as prayer, mediation, solar practices, and spiritual talisman/tools. I also learned to be careful & discerning about who I helped and what I was helping with. I was humbled, and reminded that I didn’t know everything/anything.

-This experience also taught me that there was a lot out here in the spiritual ecology of universe, that was not to be taken lightly. It taught me that you must be led by the authentic divine authority of Messiah’s spirit & your heart has to be right as well when approaching darkness. Also, academic intelligence and libraries of information stored in the brain aren’t always applicable to many situations. There was a higher part of me guiding and feeding me innerformation about the “succubus entity” during our two night discourse. If I had not been in service to someone else & my heart had not been right, I would not have recognized that this beings only had power if it was willingly given to her/him/it. By me taking on this energy and not giving it power, it’s power to affect the life of my co-worker was terminated.

What about you, have you or anyone you know ever had any experiences, struggles, or battles with attaching spirits, shadow beings, demons, succubi/incubi, or other paranormal phenomena? Have you or anyone you known been victorious over such entities? If So, please share. I have often been contacted by a great deal of people, many of which have been afraid or ashamed that they’ve seen or been plagued by such things, for which I sahre these things are not as uncommon as they or others would like for us to believe….

2 thoughts on “Miracle Mondays: Lust Demons

  1. blueblk556

    Peace. I feel i have a attaching spirit because i have times where i have to look at porn and masturbate. Other times I’m ok. When that feeling comes over me i am mindful of it and i will immediately change my thinking or say a prayer. Sometimes i give in to it and i am mad when i do. I went thru the same thing with drugs. I was able to defeat that demon/spirit, because i have no desires for drugs now, i never want to revisit that place in my life ever again. I am in a battle with this lust demon/spirit and i am determined to win this war as well.


    1. I understand your struggle, and have fought wars with issue of pornography & shame that come along with it myself. The worst part of the battle is the self criticism, secret shame that haunts a person creating a feeling of powerlessness. But that is also where the process of gaining insight & gradual victory over this issue begins as well.

      I do offer consultations that can help you gain the advantage of a powerful perspective over this issue, to help you change your life.

      If you’re interested, go to consultation tab on this page and you’ll find further information.

      Thank you for courage & sharing!


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