Miracle Mondays

Every Monday I’m going to challenge the world sanctioned perception of what is normal & possible by sharing miracles ive witnessed and experienced in my journey. My purpose for doing this is to generate dialog concerning divine human potential & help activate the memory of our Creator that resides within our DNA, in order to become more receptive to who we truly are…


(In order to protect Privacy, I willwithhold the names of the individuals involved in this share)

So, Here goes another miraculous event from my life that I wanted to share on this Miracle Monday!


For nearly 6months after my awakening vision, I had been having visions, miracles, and mystical experiences occur on a fairly regular basis. They had all been occurrence that some might have just dismissed or said were manifestations of shear random dumb luck.  Although, I was having these experiences and was beginning to develop a following of those who sought truth and resonated with the message of the vision I had, I felt deep down that I needed a teacher. Also, I knew that what ever had been deposited in me by the Creator had not yet been tested/challenged.

I had been visiting every kind of church a person could imagine. I found many of them with great people and long lasting relationships, but not the deeper revelation my soul was seeking. Till one day, my cousin told me he knew of a preacher who he thought would be exactly what I was looking for. A group of us decided to attend the service that coming Saturday.


Something immediately struck me as different about this preacher upon first impression.  After he said a phrase about how there were two wells of water described by the patriarchs in the bible “one being of traditional religion and the other being spiritual life”, something leaped within me & I knew I would be connected to him for some time. Though it was the first time we had ever met, he spoke into my life describing things about my past no man could have known, as well as what he saw of my future. It was amazing, I had never seen anything like that. It was as though a scroll had been unfolded above my head that he could see and read as clearly as people read menus at a restaurant. He seemed to have some deeper insight into who I was than I did of myself.

On the second or third time I visited his church, something very unexpected would take place after the services. I remember this couple who lived very close to where I grew up with my father, brought their teen son up to the Pastor to be examined. He had been suffering with pain from a skin rash for weeks. They didn’t know what it was or were it came from, but I could tell the boy was in serious pain. Their family doctor had not been able to diagnose the rash or the pain he was in.  After Pastor Examined him, he signaled me with a glance and told the parent to bring their son to me so that I could lay hands on him while he prayed for him. In my head I was like, are you talking to me Lol!? Now up till this point, I had just been observing this whole scenario, to see how he would deal with it. I had no personal desire to take part in what was going on at all Lol! I had never been called on to be a part of something like this before. I was scared, and was concerned that what the boy had might have been contagious. I thought pastor meant to send the child to someone else. I didn’t feel ready at all, or that I had what was needed within to impact this child’s life. All these thoughts passed through my mind.

Everything was moving so fast, so I had to make a decision quick. All of it hinged on trust. miracle-mondays-1Did I trust myself. If I trusted myself, then I could honor the higher order series of events and signs that led me to this teacher, who seemed to see something in me that I was yet aware of. So I chose to go with the flow, and trust his words in the moment. He walked up right in front of me, and the compassion within guided me to place both my right and left hand on the area of his skin were he was experiencing the most pain, which was between his neck and shoulders. As the Pastor said a short prayer, a warm energy which I would become familiar with over the years began to vibrate in my hands. After the prayer, I removed my hands and pastor asked the young man whether he was in pain. He said no, and I could see that he was no longer moving in the same discomforting manner as before. The next Saturday the young man came in and all of his pain and the rashes were completely gone, I had never been a part of something like that before.


2 Take Aways

1st) The Spirit or Intelligence of Miracles swarms around particular individuals that it chooses. If you’re around people who miracles magnetize themselves to, then you’ll see them as well. I would learn in time that this particular pastor who became my spiritual father, was a powerful magnet for the reality and expression of miracles. He was the first person to model true wisdom, the depths of the scriptures, and the spiritual power that comes from someone having their consciousness fused with that of the divine. Years spent with him, helped me learned what it was to regularly be around miracles and the mind and heart required to be a vessel for them.

2nd) Trust is not something you gain from things, places, and people proving they’re reliable. Trust Comes from within. Its about the way you decide to establish your beliefs and values based on your experiences. You don’t always need to have a lot of experiences, to establish your sense of trust. Sometimes, it’s really about training your instincts and intuition along with the uplifting core beliefs you already have to surrender to the moment. Especially encounters with the unknown, where miracles love to congregate.

When Pastor signaled me, I had no experience or sense of preparation concerning the situation, but I knew and felt enough within to trust myself enough to submit the insight(inner vision) he had in that particular instance and step into the uncomfortable nature of not knowing what would happen next. When I surrendered to the moment there was spiritual intelligence just waiting to meet me that rose from within to guide me in my part of this joint work miraculous healing.

Know when to slow yourself down, so that you can really see & feel the space that you’re in when you’re about to move into an uncomfortable opportunity.  Trust yourself, You’ll Know who to Trust, and whom Has trust in You…

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