Miracle Mondays

Do you believe in miracles? Have you ever experienced a miracle, or something amazing that you couldn’t explain? Many Cultures around the world for ages have recorded testimony and sacred oral traditions about a wide range of powerful divine occurrences and miracles worked through the hands of great Yogis, Shamans, Priest, and Holy men.   Growing up I would hear preachers speak on different scriptures that spoke of the miraculous such as John 14:12 “Timeless truth, I tell you: ‘whoever believes in me, those works which I have done he will also do, and he will do greater works than these, because I am going to the presence of my Father.'” I wanted to know if miracles still happened, was there a science to it, and whether there were people or miraculous communities fulfilling this scripture, and if so where were they hiding lol!

When I was 18yrs old, I was introduced to the world and language of miracles by a very mystical visionary experience with the Creator where my soul was taken out of my body and brought into the sun. Following this experience, I began to walk into a whole new world in terms of the language of  miracles. I say language b/c after a period of time of experiencing a range of unexplained miracles, I realized that there was something always being communicated by way of certain patterns to the occurrences. I believe miracles are perpetually occurring, and that it is every persons right to be able to experience them on occasion. I believe that the reason we don’t recognize them more often is for a few reasons. First, when you research the history of the miraculous, you tend to find that it is an intelligent energy & life force that swarms around particular individuals and groups of it’s choosing. So sometimes, if you’re not around those particular individuals or groups you might not be in an atmosphere were miracles are abundant. The second thing you learn is that there individuals and groups who benefit from the masses having certain levels of spiritual blindness and therefore place a great deal of effort, financial resources, and media conditioning into limiting our perception of who we are as spiritual beings, what’s socially acceptable, and what’s real causing us to discount much of what we might experience in the realm of the super natural(occurrences of miracles threaten this). Third, I believe the language and expression of miracles are perpetually occurring on a frequency pitch we’ve been trained to drown out with doubting minds and closed hearts. Kinda like a radio station that on the end of the dial we never explore out of habit.  For years I kept much of what I witnessed to myself, but now feel the time is right to share my experiences and what I have learned about the language of miracles.

For years, especially the first couple of years that I was experiencing miracles, I didn’t miracle-mondays-3know what to think or believe? I was only 18yrs old or so at the time, initially with no one to bounce my experiences off of. No one around me seem to have been experiencing the same things. I wondered if I wasn’t loosing it a bit sometimes? I knew people might think I was nuts lol! For that reason, I kept most of those experiences to myself until the right time. Now it’s time for me at least, and with the proliferation/advances in the fields of science such as quantum physics(which have opened minds to greater realities and possibilities), and the spiritual awakening that is occurring across the world which has people intimately into a wide array of unexplained phenomena, I want to share what I’ve been through in order to help others recognize and embrace the language miracles as well for themselves.

So, on every Monday I’m going to share whether it’s through this Blog, Vlog, or audio recording either a miraculous event that was primarily worked through me, on my behalf, or through collective group effort.

First lets define a “Miracle”(in this case the focus being Divine Miracles) according to Webster:


  1. 1 : an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs
  2. 2 : an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment
  3. 3 Christian Science : a divinely natural phenomenon experienced humanly as the fulfillment of spiritual law

For me a miracle is an intelligently communicated intervention whether spontaneous healing, warping/suspension of the laws of nature, or divine manifestation from a advanced being or higher consciousness using established( though not always immediately understood) spiritual  laws. I believe that when miracles occur we’re looking at a form of communion between us and our higher selves/worlds for the purpose of helping us to expand our way of seeing the world and evolving our capacity to love. For instance, recently I was getting ready to go to work and upon walking outside saw an earth worm stuck on the sidewalk fighting for it’s life. It had veered off too far from the soil, and could not find it’s way back without intervention. See it’s struggle, I decided to lean down, pick up the earth worm, and place it back into the soil where it belonged. Now to the earth worm, I would seem like an advanced or divine being, but for in truth the worm got my attention and I was able to empower it b/c I have a different perspective and capacity to effect it’s world. That being said, let me also say that I do not believe that miracles just randomly happen.  Using the scriptures as a blue print of ancient wisdom codes, I find that in every example of a unexplained divine benevolent event you find a miracle being worked through someone. Miracles are communicated through vessels, often through people like you and me! They cannot exist without an observer and thus require a conduit for expression. Think about that???

One of the first miracles that I want to share occurred shortly after the out of body experience I wrote about above. My whole being was on fire from the revelation of the vision. I felt compelled to reach out to as many lay people, leaders, and ministers as possible to share the vision I received of a redemptive spiritual movement that would help free the world of denominations, divisions, and religious exclusivity. I was young and didn’t really know much of anything, but I followed my heart as though there was no other form of guidance in heaven or earth.

On this one particular day, I had set an appointment to meet a minister at his office on Benedict College  Campus at 4pm. For some reason that day, an almost uncontrollable urge to take a nap came over me around about the 2pm or so. I figured I take a brief nap and get up around 3pm to leave as I was staying at my mothers house at the time, which was generally about 30-40min away from were I was headed. When I woke up however, it was 3:40pm to my dismay. leaving me roughly 15min to get there. I took my appointments very seriously and took a second to decide whether to just reschedule or try and make it late? A voice spoke to me intuitively saying “take the trip, see what happens”. So, I took a deep breath, relaxed, and hopped into my trusty old 98 Honda accord Lol! I left the house in the car at 3:45pm, and based on the distance and estimated time figured, I’d get there around about 4:20 or later. This was before cell phone’s were common, so I left and didn’t even leave a msg for this minister to expect to be running quite a bit late. I deliberately chose not to rush or speed. I felt that if the voice told me to see what happens, then I should relax. Driving normally, I pulled up the college campus around about 3:56pm. I hadn’t even been watching the clock in my car during the trip there. To be honest I was a bit disturbed, thinking that the clocks at home and in my car must have been off. I asked a couple of student what time their watches had and it all lined up.

(Later, I tested the amount of time it would take to travel that same distance late at night around about 2am to calculate how fast I could make it. On two occasions driving as fast as speed limit would allow, I made the trip from the distance of the college campus to my mothers house in in about 33min each time.)

When I got the entrance of the campus, a security guard stopped me saying that no one Placeholder Imagewas allowed on campus who was not a student. There had recently been a killing on campus. I told him that I had a previously arranged appointment, but gave no details further than that. He was adamant about no one entering. Just when I was about to turn around and go back home, to homosexual males walked by and in passing told the security guard that I  specifically had a meeting with the minister of the campus chapel. I can’t make this up.  They never stopped walking, and I never saw them again. The guard just let me through, as though he had been given presidential orders that he had no authority to challenge. That meeting that day, led to me making some really appointed relationships that would help me in the following years to come. The dramatic way that things unfolded with the time bending and the two guys who persuaded the guard to let me in as though already positioned and informed of where I was going never ever left me.

Two take always:

1st) That voice that speaks softly but very clearly to us, is not just a figment of our imagination. I think that still silent voice that we all posses is an echo that is spoken from our spirit(higher/future self) that reverberates back to us in the present. Constantly seeking to guide us when were willing to surrender the fortress of our rationale. Learning to turn down the volume of mental static in our consciousness and increase our responsibility(Response-ability) to that voice is a major key to improving our fluency in the language of miracles.

2nd) Though I was about 18yrs old at the time, I had never had any conscious or deliberate interaction with someone or individuals who were gay. Not from avoidance or choice, rather lack of exposure and therefore opportunity. Matter of fact, I never really even paid too much attention to the subject up to this point, other than childish locker room jokes and such. So in this instance, I learned a very powerful lesson in the language of miracles, and that is to be “Open”.  Never limit how divine plans might unfold with superficial or societal prejudices. Our biases, prejudices, and condemnatory judgments, are the product of social conditioning and are but mere flakes of dust in the grander ecosystem of our interconnected reality.


So this is my first share, but I would love to hear from you. Have you ever had a mysterious or miraculous experience involving the bending of the laws of time. Or ever had something amazing or miraculous happen that came from an unexpected source or person? If so let me know?

Pastor Jamil

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