14 things I’ve Learned since Leaving the Traditional Church for a personal relationship with Christ Consciousness:

-Nothing is an Accident, there are no coincidences. Everything in our lives & our daily routines has a purpose and contains a message from the Heavens(even when it doesn’t feel so lol!) that we can unlock with our FAITH which is not merely something we believe, rather “where we live from”(Romans 8:28)

Many of Christ’s most important teachings & spiritual practices suggested for daily life from the 1st couple of centuries AD, were lost or purposely suppressed due to their power to challenge political power, transform minds gripped by religious norms, and liberate souls

-A healthy personal relationship with the “Creator” can be found outside of Traditional “Church”(Gathering of Like minded individuals) buildings, through the church in our own soul, amongst those who we have a sincere and spiritual connection with…(Psalm 133:1)


-When G-d called Abraham to “Go Forth” the Hebrew word used was “LechLecha,” which means “to take both a physical outward journey (from the familiarity of his father’s land) and an inward journey as well!  

Don’t be afraid to Spiritually Seek Answers that your environment and relationships aren’t providing, when your Spirit is calling you.  Deeper Spiritual Clarity always comes from stepping outside of the familiarity of your comfort zone, into the unknown, where difficult questions are asked and your beliefs are challenged. Don’t be Afraid, all the great prophets and patriarchs encountered Deeper divine parts of themselves just like you can(Genesis 12:1)


-When you understand the language spoken by the people in the region & time that Christ was said to have operated, you realize that he never said He or his teachings were the ONLY WAY, though many verses have been misquoted this way. The religious figure known as Jesus is not the only way to G-d. No religion has a monopoly on truth (John 10:16)


-Institutional racism, genderism, slavery, societal abuse, and other irrational phobias are often based on & supported by distorted literal interpretations of the Bible. As you dig beyond the surface flesh of the scriptures into it’s deeper meanings, these contradictions give way to liberating universal truths(Galatians 4:24)


-Heaven & Hell are not what I was taught they were as a little boy. The Quality of our mind, heart, words, & actions generate our own heaven & hell here daily. We live & breath in it, and the atmosphere of our thoughts, speech, and actions create heaven & hell everyday (Matthew 12:37)


-“There is no Condemnation”: Shame, fear, and guilt is the true Devil/s in the collective mind of man. Fear/shame based teachings are addictive soul crippling drugs peddled by religious business men backed by corporate entities to feed the illusion of Sin,used as  a means of control over people’s lives. Liberating our mind from these STD’s(spiritually transmitted Dis-eases) serve as some of the best ways to experience the freedom that comes from living from whose image & likeness we were shaped in(Romans 8:1)


 -Science and religion are not necessarily opposed to one another. Neither are sexuality & Spirituality necessarily separate realities (Indigenous & mystical understandings of the scriptures remedy these seeming contradictions)


-The scriptures say G-d, Jesus, and ourselves are the LIGHT, so we need to really look more deeply into the various qualities of Light in our Lives & our World( 1 John 1:5, John 8:2, Matthew 5:14)


-Though we’re taught to fear the Sun of G-d, it’s spiritual nature, phases, and movements in relation to us communicate divine messages about who we are & serve as one of the prime sources for the substance and structure of the scriptures. Even the divine trinities around the world of other religions and the holidays such as Christmas and Easter are based directly upon the movements and phases of the Sun. Though  it’s calculated to be 93 million miles away, we are still within it’s energetic arms following it on a trek through the galaxy & are not separate from it at all( Psalms 84:1 & Psalms 19:1)


-The ancestors, writers, and compilers of the bible knew that though hidden, we live in an extremely magickal  universe full of divine agents/agencies and wonder beyond our our imagination. They encoded the stories of the scriptures with numbers, language, & symbols, to help guide us back into awareness of and co-operate with these forces when we are ready to use our eyes and ears to truly see and hear


-Love is the only thing that’s real. The word that Jesus used for god his father in the New testament was Allaha, it means “the only thing that exists”. The Creator is Love


-We never left the Garden and are currently taking a nap, dreaming we have bodies that we believe exist in something called the physical world. Each in our own process of eventually waking up in paradisePastor Jamil