The In Too Me See & Communication of the “Wilderness”

The root of the Hebrew word for Wilderness “Dabar” symbolically means “to speak or communicate from the soul”. The Wilderness that the prophets, priest, and kings of the scriptures go through in truth is not a geographical location, rather it’s a place of power and clarity within which is reached through an initially uncomfortable journey to awaken and become intimate with the unique expression of ones soul. As this wilderness is traverse, powerful discoveries are made as one begins to hear and eventually becomes one with their inner voice emanating from the fiery bush of their Divine Selves through their regular adherence to It. This is where Intimacy begins, with the discovery of ones true voice. A process that requires us to become familiar with our own fears and insecurities, to such a degree that they can no longer be used against us by others or ourselves like before. As we learn how to speak from this place more fluidly, we learn how to bypass the superficial and temperamental behavior of our mates and communicate from our true selves to the g-d in theirs. We also become more fluent in the language of creation. Prior to Moses Journey into the wilderness of himself, he had an identity, responsibilities, and relationships, but was spiritually mute before creation. This is how ineffective we are in communication with each other before we access our true voice…

Having a healthy and strong relationship with your self is Essential to having great 1104131304relationships with people around you. This relationship, looks like an ever evolving sense of worthiness, and expanding awareness of ones own multidimensional being.  It’s the primary relationship that matters. Lovers and married couples often receive cliché advice on the importance of communication. However the missing ingredient to that advice is the truth that in the case of an individual or a couple not knowing themselves, communication is impossible as neither can share themselves or convince the other of who they are due to lack of their own knowledge in this area. The truth is that we can talk with and at each other for days while saying very little. So let me share why you might be so frustrated in your communication. The reason is that this type of communication always becomes stagnate. Your fear of saying what you truly feel, and or your fear of not saying hurtful things in order to be heard comes from insecurity with your own voice and convictions. Both of these ingredients when mixed in to a couples communication create more scars than bonds.  It’s so much easier to blame and distract ourselves with the faults of others than to deal with ourselves. Most of the strong emotions of disappointment and anger that comes from couple’s improper communication, is merely dissatisfaction with their own undiscovered self and inability to fulfill themselves projected onto another. Learning to love yourself more deeply and constantly discovering who you are and what you have to express is hard work, but sexy! We have the ironic ability to talk much while saying very little when we don’t know who we are.

IN THE MOMENTTheirs is tremendous value in each of us investing in consistent creation of space and time for us to spend with ourselves. Time to journey through the initial discomfort of going within through our unresolved issues and undiscovered value to find our promised land within were clarity of our authentic selves expression is abounding. There are pockets of miracles hidden on the path through the wilderness of ourselves waiting to be unlock as we pass through the treasure box of ourselves. Jewels that we can share and build empowering relationships with. Healthy communication comes from the power released when someone develops a strong and intimate relationship with themselves and learns to speak from their heart and soul confidently.  When a person knows themselves, they love themselves, and when they love themselves, they trust themselves, and when they trust themselves, they share themselves through open, honest, and clear communication without fear from their heart and soul with those around them. The universe is a mirror confirming everything we believe and it doesn’t give us what we want but what we feel. So speaking from the soul really turns the universe on…


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