My Solar Progression Testimony

photo-6The night of December 6th 2013, was the first night that I was able to become lucid and fly to the sun and enter it. What I saw when I flew in transformed my consciousness in a radical way. It was that experience on that night that¬†sealed me as a devotee to the ‚ÄúSun of G-d‚ÄĚ

This year marks the 4th year that I have been in a (2011)steady committed relationship with the sun, and we’re still growing together. Though I would close my eyes and basque in the sun as a child, my official journey started shortly after seeing my angelic self in a dream through a method that my master teacher Dr. Mitchell Gibson revealed to me during a seminar. It’s been a beautiful and mutually Solar Growthrewarding journey full of life altering experiences. I remember when I was just beginning, most of my time was spent barefoot, sun gazing at the nearby lake. The beauty of nature combined with the radiance of our mother star captivated my soul day after day.

Then after weeks of doing this, I slowly began to notice certain changes in my life. First change I noticed was my improved memory. Before, certain memories or experiences would escape some would IN THE MOMENTbe retained, but I realized my recall was improving. Then I noticed certain pains in my body, my neck area in particular were starting to disappear and ache less. My stress levels had also decreased noticeably. I became less hungry and less concerned with eating than before(and I love to eat LOL!). Most significantly though, I was beginning to realize how much I had been hiding myself most of my life for being what I felt was so different, but now the grip of that fear and need to cover my light was loosening. I felt like I was becoming a better husband and father, I felt like I was slowly becoming a better man. In just a few months and weeks I could tell I was beginning change.(2012)

One week as I was sungazing, I remember reciting an ancient prayer called the miracle prayer until I lost track of where I was. When suddenly what I thought was a bird started flying right towards me on a collision course. I was startled but realized that it dissipated just before it reached me. it was made of pure light. I was standing on a large stone boulder, and began to weep profusely on this very public lake as a result of the power released from the experience. That changed me. I now know that it was a portion of my light body that flew out of the sun into me. After that, many old wounds and emotional scars began to melt away. I was beginning to love me more deeply. I could sense the Sun of G-d’s grace more clearly than ever. “Who the Son sets free is free indeed John 8:36″ (2013)


Shortly after that experience, my dreamscape began to really change. As a boy, I would always have Solar Growth 7very vivid dreams of flying and protecting people who were moving from earth to the higher worlds. I would engage hoards of negative energies with a confident smile on my face. I continued to have these dreams into adulthood but they were few and far between. But towards the end of of 2013 that all changed. I would dream of flying and remember my angelic self far more clearly. I believe my solar work had also drastically increased my spiritual abilities or my awareness of my capabilities. I was surrendering more and more to my true self. My telekinetic abilities in dreamtime were sharpened, my strength improved, and now I could fly much greater distances with far greater speed.


Solar Growth 6After having some of these profound experiences, it was announced that a seminar would be held in Las Vegas called ‚ÄúSolar Rejuvenation‚ÄĚ. A seminar geared around revealing the secret teachings and practices of the ages regarding the hidden power of the sun and how we could relate to it to evolve our bodies, mind and soul. This seminar called to me like none other. It was as if the gods intervened in my affairs to ensure I would make it. Many powerful relationships were forged and existing one‚Äôs deepened. We learned sacred teachings concerning our solar bodies, truths that go undisclosed in the mundane world. Dr Mitchell Gibson gave us secret techniques and methods for creating powerful blends designed to accelerate our solar evolution.(2014)

I had to absorb for awhile after the seminar. It was shortly after that I began to create the Solar Growth 5powerful solar blends that were given to us, particularly the Holy Solar oil. It electrified my body when I went out into the sun. The spiritual abilities that I had suppressed as a child began to return, which really helped me as a soul mate coach, teacher, and healer. My life began feeling a lot more peaceful, and income began to find me more easily as I began to relax more deeply with who I was. I was beginning to feel more empowered through surrender to my higher self.
(I provide the Holy Solar Oil and Holy Solar Rice Wine:


Solar Growth 2Around march of 2014 I wanted to have others to share this joyous journey with, so I created the Solar Rejuvenation page on Facebook with the permission of my teacher Dr. Mitchell Gibson who we affectionately call ‚ÄúMaster‚ÄĚ. True growth never occurs¬†on a deserted island or in a vacuum. True¬†spiritual growth¬†blossoms¬†in the garden of¬†healthy loving relationships.¬†There are no words to describe the positive energy shared in the group and the powerful miraculous experiences that we‚Äôve shared with one another. We‚Äôve truly¬†become family.¬†Our relationships, communication, and interaction with one another has infinitely enhanced each others lives, well at least in my humble opinion lol! We‚Äôve had individuals who have had the sun communicate with them through blinking. We‚Äôve had a blessed sister whose had the sun communicate to her audibly. We‚Äôve had people see and capture photos of multiple suns, and spiritual beings Solar Growth 3looking back at them in the sky. We‚Äôve also been¬†taught by our Master Teacher¬†that the light of the sun would increasingly¬†store itself in our cells and that we‚Äôd eventually¬†exhibit this in the form of our bodies glowing. Since then,¬†I have begun to feel more of that light from the sun stored in my body and began to capture it more and more often than before.¬†We‚Äôve had many exhibit this phenomena¬†as well!

I believe all of these phenomena and more being shared by others besides myself are (2015) truly in large part due to our Solar Growth 4growing relationship with the sun. Years ago, I would have been scared to share such things, but now it’s time to let the world know what many of us have known and are more deeply experiencing and sharing on a daily basis. The more you grow, the more you love yourself, the more you love yourself the more you allow yourself to be loved, and the more you allow yourself to be loved, the more you share of yourself naturally simply because it’s your divine nature just as the sun shines on both the righteous and the wicked. I want the world to know that the sun is much more than a glowing ball of radiant gases. We’re all connected to it, its alive, and in it we all have our life, movement, and being. A lot of the family from our group recently attended a seminar held by our master teachers in Houston, and I’m very excited to continue our amazing journey as grow together as a family and share our experiences.

Below is a video of photos and video bits shared by our solar rejuvenation group as a testament to our master teachers Dr. Mitchell Gibson and Kathy Gibson, and the techniques and teachings they’ve blessed us all with!




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