Goliath & Our Hidden Power

photo-6The scriptures were written by a lineage of individuals who had made contact with their extra-dimensional selves. They learned to live in the spiritual world and the physical world simultaneously experiencing and sensing both as one. In writing the bible they infused deep spiritual codes about infinite realities inside our souls into the stories. Behind the stories, within the words there exist deep spiritual truths about the power inside of each of us. The bible is History (His Story the Creator) of  Mysteries (My Stories & your story) about our true nature as spiritual beings. The Story of David and Goliath is one of those stories that contains deep and powerful truths in relation to our lives and how fear is related our evolution.


Recently while doing a word study, I was lead to look up the meaning of the word Goliath. I was amazed to find that the word meant “splendor” and “that which is uncovered or revealed”. My spirit instantly resonated with this though my mind had not yet caught up to its meaning yet. Splendor is always a word that has positive connotations, so this was interesting. While pondering this, I decided to look up the meaning for Philistine, which is the tribe that Goliath was a part of in which Israel was about to engage in battle.  The word Philistine meant “immigrant”. Seeing this, it all clicked. The Philistines represented the deep insecurities, fears, and anxieties that immigrate illegally into our minds and soul often without our noticing. They travel into our minds through our experiences and interactions with others disguised as the opinions and beliefs of others, hiding as our own. It is only when we come into circumstances of great challenge that these immigrant fears and crippling insecurities, who in our avoidance have  grown in mass are uncovered and revealed. This is  our Goliath the champion of those fears (1Samuel 17:4) manifest, in the moment of our greatest obstacles.

This is where the other greater part of us comes into play with David. His name 1009means “Beloved”. In the book of Samuel he is described as the youngest son of his Father’s children. Yet he as the youngest and smallest of them has over taken both bears and lions protecting his Father’s sheep. David is the part of us that basque in the awareness of being the Beloved of the universe. The part of us that always exist and remains certain of our connection to the Creator, possessing the power to bend and transform our reality. If the Goliath in us is the frequency of deep insecurity, fear, and paralyzation, then David is the frequency of Love’s power in manifestation. We must starve the Goliath frequency and feed the David frequency in our times of fear.

Goliath is the gateway to manifesting the higher and greater dimensions  of our dreams and desires. The gateway to our future growth,  purpose, and ultimate happiness. There is beautiful splendor and majestic light hidden in our fears if when we unlock them by confronting them correctly. David is our spiritual will to confront our giants face on with certainty in spite of our fears. 1Samuel 17 illustrates David (our spiritual will) as running towards Goliath (manifest fears). We are a society that is very avoidant of uncomfortable emotions and feelings such as fear. But the David in us is different, it desires to run towards those inner demons manifest in our life powered by the light of our being. Fear is a star gate to our Christ-hood. We can always choose to follow our spirit in the Davidic direction of fear confrontation. This is the path to opening the gateway to our destiny. David took a stone out of his bag, and shot it into Goliath’s head (representing the power source of our fears). The stone David used was a reality that he pulled from the spiritual realms out of his mind (the bag) and shot as a thought into fear (Goliath), establishing his destiny. Our path is the same, we have access to draw the same strength from heaven into our hearts and mind and project and inject them into the authority and power of our fears transforming them into opportunities…