4 Basic Things Women on the Spiritual Path Should Look for in Men

I have been a relationship counselor and Soul Mate Coach for a number of years now. Having gone through various phases from a very traditional religious background, to the black conscious community, to the New age & Meta-physical communities, to what I would call now the personal responsibility and evolution community.  Having gone through different phases I have been witness to the rise and fall of relationships in all of them, and noted particular pitfalls, insights, and wisdom patterns that I wanted to share today with women in particular who are on the path of personal growth and transformation that is often not shared to help along the way. Why, because women are the planets greatest resources, and there are not many women on the challenging path of personal transformation & enlightenment(not many people period!). So I wanted to share a few basic insights that I felt may bless some who could benefit from it.
1CONNECTED) He Should Definitely Show you He’s clearly Interested:
This is a key factor for all women when considering their interest in a potential mate. If he is interested he will make this interests known to you in such a way as there should be no questions in your mind as to how he feels. When he does so, and the measure to which he does will let you know to things. 1st) That he is clearly attracted to you in the way that matters 2nd) That he feels he is ready to be in a relationship. These are very important factors because if one of those elements is not present then there will be no foundation to build on. If a man is attracted to you but doesn’t feel like he’s at a point where he’s ready to sustain a relationship then it’s no bueno. If he’s ready, but isn’t attracted to you in that way, make sure you respect yourself and refrain from pressing him for more, it’s no bueno. When both readiness and attraction are present for a man, he will reveal it to you allowing you clear space to determine the pace of how things will move from there…
2) Character over Appearances:
Character is the true Divine Currency of the universe, though media would have us believe otherwise. Is he driven, honest, respectful, does he keep his word, how do others respond to his presence? Why is this important? Because looks can be deceiving. There are well dressed highly articulate slimy parasitic wolves in all organizations and groups whether traditional church, conscious community, self help or New age groups, who learn how to appear and what to say in order to play on women’s desires. Just because they wear the suit to church, say Hotep Queen at the incense shop, or where nice crystals and white flowing robes at the meditation gatherings, doesn’t necessary mean they’re mature or have the capability to treat you properly. However “Balance” cannot be faked forever, and man’s value will always be his Integrity. Without which, all that he may appear to have(including you if you allow) will always be vulnerable to the chaos of his undeveloped personality & being.
What will learning this do for you? Well a few things. It will help understand the power or lack there of that character affords a man in how deals with disappointment, and moves through stressful obstacles which are important things for all women to understand about any man they’re considering being close to. It will also help you understand which of the two groups he exists within that men can be categorized into when a woman is searching for something long term.  You can more easily determine whether He is the man searching for marriage material or whether He is the man searching for fun=sex only. Neither is good or bad, but when a man’s character is better known then so too are his intentions. It takes time and objective observance sometimes for the nature of ones qualities to become clear, so patience will be one of your greatest allies in allowing him to create a record history with you. Your intuition also will be one of your greatest means of gaining insight into the quality of a man’s character, Don’t make excuses for it…
3) Has Vision & Willing to Share it with You:
If a man shows you clearly that he is interested, and you determine that his character is photo-6acceptable & to your liking then the next step is learning whether or not he has vision(sense of unique personal direction). Too often we’re conditioned to perceive and seek out relationships as business or pleasure acquisitions, as opposed to “Vision” acquisitions. Proverbs 29:18 says “Where there is no “Vision”, the People Perish”. This tells us that a sense of inward direction is a vital divine form of nourishment that sustains our well being, and this is so key to relationships. Many relationships die though some go on in a dead state, due to a lack of “Vision”. If he does have a “Vision” and he shares this with you having the previous two characteristics in place, this is a good thing as a man’s vision is sacred to him. This also prevents you from being relegated to being the “Poison Remover” which can be an unfullfilling long term condition. What is the poison remover you might ask?
The poison remover is the right women at the wrong phase in a man’s life. You might be intelligent, a great nurturer, physically attractive, and have any number of other great qualities but find that it’s not enough for the man of your interests to envision you in his future. Why, often because he’s been hurt by  a woman who he really cared about and gave his all to. And as a result of that unresolved pain he’s not yet ready to see a woman in a long term relationship. However, he will often settle and be with a woman who is loyal, and has other qualities which allow him to feel safe as though she will not hurt him. She is the “poison remover”. He will move in with the poison remover, he will sleep with the poison remover, he will even be faithful in some cases with the poison remover, but he will not share his vision nor make long term commitments that reveal his strategic plan which involves you being with him in the future. If he does share his vision with you and his plans that involve both you and he in the long term future the other important thing to observe is his actions towards manifesting his vision. Is he consistent, does he keep his word, does his spiritual swagger reveal his confidence in his Vision? If so then this is very good. Remember, he may not have already arrived or have everything that will come along with the ripened fruit of his vision but neither did the prophets, priest, and kings of the scriptures who the Creator revealed their destiny to through vision. All seeds take time to realize their full potential.
4) Who He Surrounds Himself With?
A wise saying I always used to hear is “You can tell a man’s future by the company they keep”. That’s Powerful, just think about that. Observe the company the man you’re interested in keeps. It will help you truly see what phase of their life and consciousness they’re in. Are they still hanging with people who do the same things they did in college or high school. Are they keeping the company of individuals who are more negatively or positively oriented. Are they experiencing the same old repetition of circumstances or fresh & new things? If you simply observe the company the man you’re interested in, and see what type of effect they have on him you will gain a lot of insight into where he wishes to be, and how ready he is to get there. The company a man chooses serve as a mirror to his subconscious self view and he values about himself.  It’s his internal covenant with how he’s preparing to manifest himself into the future through his now…
Now of course there are many other key points and traits that women on the path of personal transformation & enlightenment should look for but these are great to start off with. I have a video down below pointing out some practical tools and ways in which a sincere women on the path can better move through the process of being open to the process of finding a balanced mate. If you feel that this article can bless someone else please repost and share it with them…

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