Will Nikolas Cruz, be in heaven with the victims whose lives he Took?

Will Nikolas Cruz, the shooter in the Parkland High School tragedy, be in heaven with the victims whose lives he took?97c3a8db-ca96-4dc8-92c0-1b0508731985

According to Bishop Carlton Pearson, who represented the gospel Theology of inclusion(“Come Sunday”), he will. But this is my question, have we been influenced and conditioned to believe that it is much easier to demonize these Mass Shooters as soulless devils and monsters, to be relegated to Hell rather than look at the societal factors that have been engineered buy Hellraisers/Hell makers.

As a counselor and soul therapist, my first thought whenever I hear about these gruesome tragedies is, what type of environment did these individuals develop in? When a person looks deeper into the life of Nicholas Cruz and other Mass shooters what they find is a combination of socially engineered factors of poverty, family dysfunction in pathology, and as evidence and research has repeatedly pointed out the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

When you look at it for what it truly is, you realize that there is no need to send anyone to some hell in the afterlife, because there is a great deal of nameless and faceless people behind corporations, education, in religion that are doing a great job creating hell on Earth(to sustain a heaven/haven for themselves) , and masking it as normal. The same few creating this hell on Earth, demonize those who are demented as a result of the conditions that they engineer, to keep attention off of themselves.

I don’t know about you, but I would find it difficult to worship or identify with a God that couldn’t see through this BS, and or would choose to send victimizers who are in truth victims themselves to a place of Eternal damnation and Punishment, while letting the true social Engineers of the madness off of the hook.

Why Keep using commercial Tampons, Why Keep using commercial sanitary napkins!!!

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Why Keep using commercial Tampons, Why Keep using commercial sanitary napkins!!!

The body is designed to naturally release so why would you clog up your beautiful temple with something artificial?

Why would you want to plug yourself up beloved? As the blood backs up bacteria is created. As the blood backs up fibroids are created. As the blood backs up yeast infections occur. This is how the life threatening Toxic Shock Syndrome occurs. It occurs from an overgrowth of bacteria that begins to release poisonous substances based on the unclean conditions created by tampon use.

Anytime you have heat and improper ventilation it will always create the perfect environment for bacteria.

You should also be worried about the chemicals and materials used to manufacture commercial tampons/pads. These products contain synthetic plastic so as it rubs against the body guess what happens? INFECTIONS!

These products also use dye so when moisture is created these chemicals get inside the bloodstream creating immune reactions.

To make matters worst, their absorbency system is made from wood fibers and old newspapers that’s been bleached. As the bleach interacts with the moisture it releases a poison called dioxin.

So if you sisters have reoccurring yeast infections, ovarian cancer, miscarriages, unpleasant odors or anything problematic you may want to look at what your putting inside your body and also outside your body.

In the beginning of March me and my partners will introduce a very affordable patented biodegradable sanitary napkin that’s never been introduced to the American market. The technology behind this product is so remarkable that only one pad will be needed throughout the day as the algae found within the micro fibers is designed to absorb a tremendous amount of fluid without feeling anything wet.

Also we didnt want to charge a whole lot of money for this groundbreaking technology because we want every woman to afford a better lifestyle.

The retail price will only be $5 which will come with 10 small but yet powerful pads.

No longer will you have to create unhealthy environments and hold on to dangerous lifestyles.

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Peace and Blessings

Pastor Jamil
Joi Middleton